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This website is a gateway to all of your permit needs, including obtaining a mechanical, electrical, plumbing, roofing and gas permits, check and research all permits, scheduling inspections and obtaining inspection results.

Registered Users can use this site to schedule inspections and apply for permits that do not require plan review. Please use the following [ link ] to start the registration process. The City user registration should be completed and submitted. The user declaration form should be signed by the licensed qualifier, notarized then delivered to our office. Next you will need to register using the My Permit Manager user registration, by selecting the My Permit Manager link on the right side of the page. Please use the same information used in completing the City user registration.

Check/Research Permits Check on filed permits and find permit information on pending projects, projects under construction, or completed projects.
City of Tallahassee   Leon County
Check/Request Inspections Schedule inspections for projects and receive immediate confirmation of the inspection date and time.
The inspection information function provides the user an opportunity to explore the status of inspections.
City of Tallahassee   Leon County
Apply for a Permit Already registered? Login here using your e-mail address and password.
City of Tallahasse | Land Use and Environmental Services / Commercial Building Permits  or   City of Tallahasse | Velocity Hall Sub Trade Permits Leon County
Apply for a Permit by a Project Complete the online permit application, pay all applicable permit fees, and print out the final permit for immediate posting.
City of Tallahasse only

Contact the City: 850.891.7001Contact the County: 850.606.1300